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Mostrando postagens com marcador OS X. Mostrar todas as postagens

14 de dezembro de 2016

On the air official website of the new version of the Social Medal Parking app

Already on the air is the official website of the Social Medal Parking app, where you can download the new pilot version v.1.1 of the application of sharing parking spaces public among users of the app. As with any demo application, there are still some issues for the finalization of its development, mainly functions related to storing the punctuation of users who use the application. As it is a job that requires more software resources startup is looking for new developers within the application developer community to run the app on Android, OS X and Win systems. Humbly, the new starttup seeks new partners to complete the work, since the training of current managers is related to the universe of Social Communication and theories of games as emulators of information and news. Despite the limited knowledge in the area of ​​application development, Brazilian journalists Geraldo A. Seabra and Luciene A. Santos sought to develop the pilot project because it is related to the master's research project developed by the startup managers. In addition to the parking lot of the Social Medal, there are other projects related to NewsGames and augmented reality. Anyone who wants can participate in the project can contact through the application email: