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28 de abril de 2016

Back from Italy to Brazil journalists launch ebooks in Belo Horizonte

Back in Brazil after five years in Treviso (Italy), journalists Geraldo Seabra and Luciene Santos present in the XIV State Congress of the three journalists e-books published between 2012 and 2015, which are part of the series "Theories of NewsGames" and "Frankenstein Galaxy". Are they:

– Do Odyssey 100 aos NewsGames: Uma genealogia dos games como informação;
– NewsGames – Teoria Geral Aplicada dos Games Baseados em Notícias: Criando as bases narrativas de um novo modelo de Jornalismo Online;

– Galáxia de Frankenstein #1: os fantasmas da notícia a partir de um jornalismo tutelado.

Geraldo Seabra, and journalist and writer, is a master in communication by Unipac, Juiz de Fora, with research on games such as information and news stand. His master work, completed in 2009, resulted in the proposal of a new online journalism model, based on the theory of NewsGames - games based on news or event in real time. He worked at Radio Itatiaia, Minas Television Network, Radio Alvorada, Diary of Belo Horizonte, among other vehicles, and publishes articles on the topic in the blog of NewsGames. Luciene Santos is a writer and journalist, graduated at Uni-BH in 1997. Gerard, founded the Journal Sabará in Minas in 2000, with editorial line connected to tourism. Currently has a column in the Folha de Bom Jesus do Amparo and Blog of NewsGames produces articles on the subject, some of which are also available in saite Webinsider.

Purchase a series of ebooks in versions in Portuguese and English in the Amazon stores,. Apple, Google Play, Smashwords.

In our blog we have available to the public a section for donazionie investment for further research and the realization of targeted applications to games like news.