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12 de dezembro de 2016

Launching version 1.0 of the pilot of the Social Medal Parking App in Brazil

As promised days ago in our Facebook profile, we are making available version 1.0 of the pilot of the Social Medal Parking app. Developed by Brazilian journalists Geraldo A, Seabra and Luciene A. Santos, the application works as a social network for sharing public parking spaces. The application allows the exchange of information between the profiles in search of free positions in the city, thus reducing the time of finding available positions. With this, Social Medal Parking seeks to approach the gameplay of traditional games and the information universe of newsgames - games as emulators of information and news. Unlike other applications of the same gender, the Social Medal Parking offers 12 options of sharing of vacancies: paid, free, special user, electric cars, buses, trucks, seniors, family, pregnant women, campers, delivery cars and motorcycles. There is also the possibility of indicating areas for the sharing of bicycles and forbidden traffic zones. In the search map, the user can still access private and local parking places near taxi points. Like that traditional hot-cold game, the Social Medal Parking app encourages the user to indicate the vacancy that has just been released by him. To share it, just click the green button. Whoever is around, near or far from the intended position can find it by navigating the map of the application. When parking in the parking lot, the user clicks the red button for the type of parking to indicate occupied place. If you hit a button by mistake, just click 'Refresh' and the map is then cleared, starting a new round of sharing. First, Social Medal Parking is only available for smartphones running the Android operating system. To download the application simply click on the link below and follow the installation instructions.

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